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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Sound of "a" as in "hat". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

How do you like my new hat? Be honest!

1. This room is full. There are no more seats.

2. Judy isn’t home. She’s work. Can I take a message?

3. We don’t allow or dogs in this apartment house.

4. I can’t reach the ceiling, so I need a .

5. The children like to play in the at the beach.

6. Are there any ? I have a little cut on my arm.

7. He always wears a when it rains and takes his umbrella

8. I’m sorry. We out of vitamins. Try again next week.

9. Maria went out, but she’ll be soon. You can wait for her here.

10. You should your suitcase quickly. The plane leaves in an hour.

11. I to take a trip to Los Angeles in December.

12. After Jack down, he opened his English book.

13. We clean our shoes before we go in the house. We use a door .

14. Let’s go to the service station. We’re almost out of .

15. Here is a baseball . Can you hit the ball?

16. The plane will in Los Angeles in about fifteen minutes. Please, your seat belt.

17. I’d like to make scrambled eggs. I need a frying .

18. Wear your jacket. If you don’t wear it, you might a cold.

19. Would you like a of orange juice? I’ll pour it for you.

20. The audience after they heard the wonderful singer.

21. May I you a question? When does the movie begin?

22. At the post office, you can buy and mail packages.

23. When you change buses, you have to use a .

24. What’s the ? You seem very tired today.

25. If you feel sleepy, it’s a good idea to take a short .




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