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Saturday, July 11, 2009

"ay" and "eh". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

He fell when he went skating.

1. They when they went skating yesterday.

2. I a lot of nice people when I went to the party.

3. They’re getting married. Their will be in June.

4. He worked for three days at their house, but he hasn’t been yet.

5. This recipe calls for a quarter of a teaspoon of .

6. You’ll find the gardening tools in the in the back yard.

7. A will help you to buy travelers’ checks.

8. There are too many women at the dance and not enough . That’s why the women are dancing with each other.

9. Don’t worry. If your attendance is good and you study hard, you won’t the test.

10. It’s very . It’s past 1:00 AM. I must leave the party soon.

11. The sun is very hot. It’s cooler under the of a tree.

12. To write the dictation, you need a pen and .

13. They have a cat. She sleeps all the time. She’s a quiet .

14. The hostess a delicious fruit salad for the party.

15. When I put gas in my car, I also the oil to see if I need more.

16. When I read a story, I always look for the idea .

17. I’m sorry we’re late. How long have you been for us?

18. There are a lot of office buildings on Street.

19. If you can’t find clothes that fit, you need to see a .

20. Did you hands with the interviewer before you sat down?

21. Flight Number 342 to Chicago is now boarding at 33.

22. How long will it take this plane to to New York? About four hours.

23. I a very interesting book about the future of computers.

24. You can get a cheaper for long distance calls. Talk to the phone company.

25. Sharon’s father didn’t her stay out past midnight.

26. Maria works at the Bank of America. She’s a .

27. The waiter put too much on my salad. I need a glass of water.

28. Excuse me. How do I to 24th and Mission Street from here?

29. Sylvia a new shirt for her husband. She gave it to him for his birthday.

a. madee. paperi. shakem. paidq. shadeu. gate
b. metf. paperj. checkn. petr. shedv. get
c. failg. Maink. waitingo. tailors. latew. rate
d. fellh. menl. weddingp. tellert. letx. read

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