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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Sound of "ow". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

This is a grazing cow.


1. She’s going tomorrow. She’s going to shop at Macy’s.

2. I want to buy two of ground meat. I’m going to make hamburgers for dinner.

3. Your stereo is too . Would you please turn it ?

4. Last year, she lived in Mexico City. She lives in San Francisco

5. Every morning, the buses on Mission Street are very .

6. There is a bathtub and a in the bathroom.

7. do I get to Mission and 24th Street from here?

8. I this umbrella yesterday. Who does it belong to?

9. Los Angeles is about 400 miles of San Francisco.

10. Daisy is a very good . She gives a lot of milk.

11. If the bananas are green, they aren’t ripe yet. If they are , they aren’t good.

12. We are studying the English now. We’re learning the International Phonetic Alphabet.

13. This is a very good guitar. It makes a beautiful .

14. Mary likes to grow in her back yard. That’s why her garden is beautiful.

15. You can cut lumber quickly with a saw.

16. Those pillows are square, but this one is .

17. Where is a good restaurant? We want to go for dinner.

18. I heard what you said. You don’t have to . You’re hurting my ears.

19. I’m going to the bank. I want to open a checking .

20. You paid us the wrong . You gave us too much money. We owe you five dollars.

21. The word “work” can either be a verb or a .

22. I’m not sure I want to buy that . I will think it.

23. Coit is a famous San Francisco landmark. It’s near North Beach.

24. California had a when there was no rain for a long time.

25. There is a household furnishings sale at Macy’s. Sheets and are twenty percent off the regular price.


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