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Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Sound of "ay". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

Thanks. You have a nice day, too!

1. She has a in her left arm. She said she twisted it yesterday.

2. There’s a at the department store in January.

3. How long do you usually have to for the bus?

4. I need to have your employer’s and address.

5. The doctor can’t see you now, but he can see you .

6. Dave over to our house last week. We had dinner.

7. I receive my check every two weeks.

8. She needs new glasses. she also needs new .

9. She a pretty dress on her new sewing machine.

10. When I visit New York, I’ll at my friend’s apartment.

11. I have a doctor’s appointment on the day as my class.

12. I’m going fishing. I need to buy some .

13. We try to start class on time. We try not to start .

14. I’m going to use the oven. I’m going to a cake.

15. I like this chicken very much. It has a great

16. Do you think it will today? I hope not. I don’t have my umbrella.

17. I have to be at the airport in ten minutes or I’ll miss my .

18. I have a little stomach ache. I think I too much.

19. What do you live in? I live in California.

20. Do you have for a dollar? I need it for the bus.

21. My son goes to Junior High school. He’s in the eighth .

22. The dishwasher has to wash glasses, silverware, and .

23. In order to record the lesson, you need to have a cassette .

24. This detergent can clean any that your clothes have.

25. You should eat a lot of . They are in bread, cereal, rice, and pasta.


This song is very good practice for the "ay" sound. It's from the musical, "My Fair Lady". "The rain in Spain stays mainly (mostly) on the plain."

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