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Saturday, July 11, 2009

"eh" and "a" as in "hat". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

This iron railing won't bend easily.

1. I couldn’t come to school today. I to go to the doctor.

2. Bob is fifteen years old. He’s not an adult, he’s just a .

3. His brother is younger than he is. His brother is only years old.

4. He that he liked school a lot, especially math.

5. You can erase when you use a pencil, but not when you use a .

6. Bob is five years older his brother.

7. You can hang your jacket on the in the hall.

8. The railing is made of iron. It won’t easily.

9. When there is a teacher’s meeting, the class will early.

10. She likes vegetables: broccoli, celery, carrots.

11. My daughter plays the flute in the school .

12. You should wear a helmet to protect your when you ride a bicycle.

13. She felt when her boyfriend decided to break up with her.

14. First clean the table tops with a moist sponge, dry them with a dry paper towel.

15. Drunk drivers can’t drive safely and often their cars.

16. If you’re careful, you’ll get a sun instead of a sun burn.

17. After you put the oil in the , add the onions and garlic.

18. The manager me to the third floor to see the apartment.

19. It was a product, so we couldn’t sell it.

20. How many rooms does this apartment have? Only one. But it has a large kitchen.

21. The children like to play in the at the beach.

22. Tom has a lot of energy because he’s a young .

23. How many letters are you going to ? I have to five letters.

24. Maria’s children, all boys, are all grown up Now, they’re .

25. I enjoyed reading that book. It was more interesting the movie.

26. There was a traffic jam yesterday. Everybody to wait until the police cleared the off the highway.

27. When will the spring semester ? It will in the third week of May.

28. We need broccoli, bananas, bread, apples, lettuce, milk.

29. I didn’t hear you. What did you say? I , how was your weekend?

a. heade. meni. saidm. bedq. wrecku. led
b. hadf. manj. sadn. badr. rackv. lad
c. theng. sendk. peno. bends. tenw. end
d. thanh. sandl. panp. bandt. tanx. and

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