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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Sound of "ai". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

This furniture won't last. It's made of ice.

1. We need your signature. Please your name on this line.

2. He’s going to for that salesman job. His interview will be this Friday.

3. If your leak, you should call a plumber.

4. My child doesn’t go to public school. He goes to school.

5. I would like a cup of tea and a piece of , please.

6. These shoes fit very well, and I like the very much.

7. are you going to L.A.? I’m going there because I want to visit my cousin.

8. She goes to Mission School. She’s in the 10th grade.

9. It was eight o’clock an hour ago. Now, it’s o’clock.

10. Do you need stamps? What of stamps do you want to ?

11. When I go to the bank, I usually have to wait in a long .

12. I have change. Do you want a quarter or two and a nickel?

13. Could you tell me the ? I’m sorry, I don’t have a watch.

14. Does your baby when she is tired? No, only when she’s hungry.

15. He wants to learn English. He goes to City College every .

16. There are a lot of tourists here. They’re going seeing.

17. These shoes are too . Do you have a larger size?

18. Jack doesn’t know how to a car. He wants to learn.

19. If you want a cold drink, you need some .

20. Are you going to to New York or take the bus?

21. David go to Canada for vacation or he go to Hawaii. He can’t decide.

22. I on the jacket, but it didn’t fit. So, I took it back to the store.

23. How do you get downtown? I BART and get off at Powell Street Station.

24. Stand on this scale while I measure your weight and your .

25. After I buy a book, I write my name and phone number in it. That way, I can prove it’s .


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  1. Hi Robinson I like to heard yours Vowels,but there is a mistake in one after Private.



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