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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Diphthong Review: "ai", "ow", and "oi". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

This man is reading the paper
while he's having breakfast.

1. He was reading the newspaper he was eating breakfast.

2. The TV screen is square, and the clock on the wall is .

3. She didn’t get the job she wanted. She was .

4. My doctor’s is at 11:30. I must not be late.

5. An is a bird that stays awake at night and hunts mice.

6. After I take a bath, I use a to dry myself.

7. There are twelve fluid in a can of soda.

8. Don’t worry about my dog. He looks dangerous, but he won’t

9. Matt Henson a flag at the North Pole.

10. Mary’s son is an excellent student. She’s very of him.

11. When you go on a job interview, you should dress neatly and act

12. I dislike traffic. I driving downtown whenever I can.

13. Many people think there is intelligent life on other planets, but I

14. I don’t laugh out loud at jokes, but I often .

15. When there is too much outside, it is difficult to study.

16. At the formal dance, he wore a tuxedo, and she wore an evening

17. Nutmeg and cinnamon are that you can buy at Safeway.

18. 208 to New York is leaving from Gate 31.

19. The mosquito buzzed around my ears and me.

20. It is very on the buses when there is a BART strike.

21. This is a very good guitar. It makes a beautiful .

22. I heard what you said. You don’t have to . You’re hurting my ears.

23. There are a lot of tourists here. They’re going seeing.

24. Maria go to Mexico for vacation or she go to New York. She can’t decide.

25. This is very good. The plants will grow easily.


Here is a video by Jennifer ESL that explains the diphthongs very well:

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