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Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Duck" and "Dock". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

1. You can rent boats at Stow Lake. They’re tied to the .

2. “ ” is slang for “policemen or police women.”

3. The custodian will the door before he leaves the room.

4. He will also all the windows and off the lights.

5. Take a little sun screen and it on exposed skin. Then, you won’t get a sun burn.

6. My shirt is dirty. I have to wash it by hand.

7. My daughter used to play with her , but she’s too grown up now.

8. This TV program is . I’d rather read a book.

9. There’s a good view of the city from the floor of this apartment building.

10. That is too fat. He doesn’t need to eat anything.

11. Success is a combination of hard work and good .

12. This blouse fits me very well, but I don’t care for the .

13. It’s more difficult to a wallet if it’s in the front pocket.

14. The bathroom is tidy , clean, and the bath is large.

15. I’m glad you like our coffee. Would you care for another ?

16. There’s an antique in the hall. It was made in China.

17. It’s a good idea to get a flu before winter starts.

18. A large bottle with a handle is called a .

19. A popular form of music in America is called “ ”.

20. Many people before or after work for exercise.

21. They might get married next month. They might wait until next year.

22. I can’t just eat one . I have to eat another one, and another one, and another one.

23. The robber used a to hold up the bank. Fortunately, he didn’t shoot anybody.

24. I’m sorry, you came to the party too late. All the food is .

25. A large fell on the highway, and all the cars stopped.

26. I was afraid when I heard the . But it was from a TV movie.

27. I didn’t my front door firmly. So, the wind blew it open.

28. The walls in our living room are too dark. We need to paint them a lighter .

29. George bought several lottery tickets. But he didn’t have any .

a. ducke. cupi. shutm. rugq. tubu. gun
b. dockf. copj. shotn. rockr. topv. gone
c. luckg. dullk. rubo. jugs.colorw. nut
d. lockh. dolll. robp. jogt. collarx. not

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