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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Long "e". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

This is an orange peel.


1. The Dean family lives on Mission , 22nd and 23rd.

2. She has a sore throat and a little . It isn’t serious.

3. They are permanent residents. They have their cards.

4. There is a in our shower. We need a plumber.

5. We need to buy some and some pillow cases. We’re going to the department store.

6. The in front of the bus are for the elderly passengers.

7. It’s cold in here and I don’t have my sweater on today. Please turn up the .

8. Does she really like to wear high shoes? Aren’t they uncomfortable?

9. We have to class early because we have to go to work.

10. What time do you usually dinner? Who cooks dinner in your family?

11. I’m going to my uncle at the airport at 7:00 pm.

12. What languages do you ? I Spanish and a little English.

13. Do you have the ? I want to lock the door.

14. How wide is that window? I’ll measure it. It is three wide.

15. My jacket is made of wool. Wool comes from .

16. This side of the pool is shallow. The other side is .

17. Is this car expensive? No, it isn’t. It’s .

18. You were sick yesterday. Do you better today?

19. Do you ride your bicycle to school? Lock your bicycle so nobody can it.

20. When you turn the corner, you must use the steering .

21. I was playing soccer when I injured my .

22. , sit down and make yourself comfortable. Help yourself to the snacks.

23. There are a lot of good books to at the public library.

24. You can throw this banana in the trash.

25. We do our laundry and our apartment every Saturday.



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  1. I like MISSION LANGUAGE LAB. Because I can study at home,



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