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Sunday, July 12, 2009

"o" as in "hope" and "aw" as in "law".
Listen and Fill the Blanks.

She's using a power lawn mower.

1. The language lab is across the from the teachers’ room.

2. The common is contagious. You can catch it at school.

3. After I dry the towels, I them and put them away.

4. Maria bought a power mower so she can cut the grass faster.

5. Jeff said the other boy started the fight. It wasn’t his .

6. Veronica three buttons on her son Pedro’s old shirt.

7. Pedro’s right sleeve had a big in it from his fall.

8. She her son to be careful when he plays next time.

9. The chicken that’s cooking in the kitchen has a nice .

10. The cat sometimes scratches the furniture with its .

11. Raymond measured and several boards for shelves.

12. Pedro is 12 years old and he’s is 5’6”. He’s very for his age.

13. His old don’t fit him anymore. So, he gave them away.

14. We’re ready to now. We’d like some of that chicken.

15. You can go to Larkspur and Sausalito round trip by ferry .

16. Your girlfriend . She said she couldn’t go to the party.

17. We’d like a of mushroom soup for an appetizer.

18. A good soccer player knows how to kick the very far.

19. I ten fish, but unfortunately, they were all small.

20. You don’t need a today. It’s very hot outside.

21. Rodger’s brother is graduating from school next June.

22. How many chairs did you buy for your new apartment? I three new chairs.

23. The plane is going to land in about one minute. That’s why it’s flying very .

24. Mr. and Mrs. Brown need a to start their new business. Where can they get a low interest rate?

25. Anna a very funny joke at dinner last night. Everyone in her family laughed.

26. Levels One and Two are beginning classes. Levels Three and Four are high beginning classes.

27. Every winter, it is very . That’s why we usually have a fire in the fireplace.

28. After William irons his clothes, he them carefully and puts them away.

29. people have to be careful in rooms with ceilings.

a. boate. foldi. toldm. sewedq. odoru. low
b. boughtf. faultj. talln. sawedr. orderv. law
c. coatg. coldk. bowlo. clothess. holew. loan
d. caughth. calledl. ballp. clawst. tallx. lawn

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