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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Short "I". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

Let's climb that hill.

1. You weren’t home last week. Where you go?

2. These shoes don’t . I need a larger size.

3. A puppy is a baby dog. A is a baby chicken.

4. My child is . He needs to see the doctor.

5. It takes a long time to go to Peru by .

6. Coffee without a little sugar is . Don’t you think so?

7. She begins work at 9 o’clock, and she work at 5 o’clock.

8. After she leaves her work, she goes home and has .

9. San Francisco is a nice city, but it has a lot of steep .

10. The heat is on, but I’m cold. Could you turn it up?

11. The little kitten likes to the butter dish.

12. Jack his thumb with a hammer by mistake.

13. I’m a little bit tired today. I think I’ll down a minute.

14. Do you like this jacket? You may try on if you wish.

15. I just washed this floor. Be careful. It’s wet. Don’t .

16. He’s going on a to Mexico next week.

17. Don’t eat too many potato . They’re very salty.

18. used car runs very well, but that one uses less gas.

19. Don’t forget to leave a 15 percent for the waiter.

20. The of my garbage can is missing. Did you see it?

21. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas have a large family. They have six .

22. Take one three times a day, and after meals.

23. I drop my child at school at 8:00 AM and I him up at noon.

24. He gets good exercise. He goes to the three times a week.

25. Do you in San Francisco or in Daly City?.


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