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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Sound of "aw". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

After a long night, finally the dawn has arrived.

1. I a powerful new vacuum cleaner. It cost $200.00.

2. In San Francisco, the weather is the warmest in the .

3. I you yesterday, but nobody answered. Were you home or not?

4. What color do you want to paint these ? I suggest you paint them yellow.

5. I threw the to him and he it. He’s a good baseball player.

6. Jim is going to school. He wants to be an attorney.

7. I a very interesting movie last week. It was called “Ants.”

8. Tom the application form back yesterday, but he forgot to sign it.

9. Do you have a pain in your ?

10. She’s going to sing a Mexican for us. She has a beautiful voice.

11. Marcia is teaching English now. She English last year too.

12. of those job applicants are excellent. I can’t decide who to hire.

13. David is short, but his brother Tom is very .

14. The traffic accident was my . I drove too fast.

15. This soup is a little too bland. I think it needs more .

16. The mail carrier has to get up before every day.

17. He needs to cut a lot of boards. He needs to use a power .

18. I like to eat vegetables. That’s why I enjoy salads.

19. This dress fit me last year, but now it’s too .

20. Did you to the employer yesterday? Yes, I did. He said I got the job.

21. You’ll find the keys in the top of the desk.

22. Those two cats never . They just looked at each other and growled.

23. I’m sorry. I’m in the wrong classroom. I this was room 304.

24. What that loud noise? It sounded like a car crash.

25. I want to thank you asking all those good questions.


Jennifer ESL talks about the pronunciation of "back" vowels

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  1. hi teacher my name is Elio i saw your page is good to learn english thanks for this page.



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