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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Sound of "er" as in "bird". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

That bird is catching that worm.

1. You can hear the sing in Golden Gate Park.

2. China is the largest country in the .

3. She’s a . She works in a hospital. She works at night.

4. I hope we can learn a lot of new in this class.

5. I need to buy a pair of pants and a new .

6. She has three children, two boys and one .

7. Street is one block from Fourth Street.

8. Be careful. This road has a lot of dangerous .

9. There is nothing to worry about. Don’t be so .

10. He about eight hundred dollars a month in his new job.

11. She is going to City College. She wants to English.

12. If you cook the rice too long, it will .

13. Nine one one is the phone number in San Francisco.

14. Did you hear the weather report today? Yes, I just it.

15. We’re going to have a dinner on Thanksgiving.

16. On Sundays, our family usually goes to .

17. The children like to see the clowns at the .

18. Doctor, my knee . What do you suggest I do about it?

19. Add an “s” to a word and you make it .

20. After she dries the clothes, she always them.

21. We need to go to the store to buy shelves and a chair.

22. How do I get to Mission Campus? Go to Twenty-Second Street and right.

23. I keep many items in my . They are make up, a wallet, a notebook, and a check book.

24. They from nine to five, Monday to Friday. They have full time jobs.

25. The class of the day at Mission Campus starts at 8:30 AM.


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