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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Sound of long "o". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

Those dogs want the same bone.

1. The farmer rice and vegetables on his farm.

2. You can’t buy my car because I already it.

3. It’s very in this room. Please, turn on the heater.

4. I’ll you the apartment. It’s on the top floor. Follow me.

5. Does it ever in San Francisco? No, but it rains a lot.

6. Do you what time it is? No, I don’t have a watch.

7. I use a washing machine to wash my .

8. This bank opens at ten o’clock. It at three o’clock.

9. How much gasoline will this can ? Only one gallon.

10. After Sonia irons the shirts, she always them neatly.

11. You’re opening a new store? I you will be successful.

12. I want to tie something on my car. I need some .

13. We have to wash our clothes. We need more laundry . We don’t have enough.

14. I found this book yesterday on the desk where you sat. Is it yours?

15. This kitchen is very modern. It has a new refrigerator and a new .

16. They can buy the house. The bank will give them a .

17. Why are those dogs fighting? They both want the same .

18. I’m not going to take the bus to New York. It’s too . I’ll go by plane.

19. Mark up at four o’clock this morning. He had to be at work early.

20. For breakfast, he had , orange juice, eggs, and coffee.

21. The is ringing. Will somebody please answer it?

22. Who are you going to for in the next election? Al Gore or George Bush?

23. After I finish my morning classes, I usually go and have lunch.

24. The comedian a very funny story. Everyone in the audience laughed.

25. My zip is 94110. I live in the Mission District.


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