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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Sound of Short "e". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

My cat is wet!!

1. My car is out of gas. The motor won’t start. It’s .

2. I have to go to the bank to cash a .

3. After that, I’ll go to the post office and a letter.

4. I need to write something down. Can I borrow your ?

5. When it’s cold outside, I need to wear a .

6. I had a fever yesterday, but today I feel much .

7. I went to early last night because I was tired.

8. He wants to his stereo equipment. Do you want to buy it?

9. We need four strong to carry this heavy desk.

10. The meeting will begin at 2 o’clock. It will at 3 o’clock.

11. New York is on the East Coast. San Francisco is on the Coast.

12. Please, the table. Then we’ll have dinner.

13. I like this apartment very much. How much is the ?

14. Do you want to borrow five dollars? I’ll it to you.

15. This shirt has a hole in it. Can you it?

16. She has two , a dog and a bird.

17. Mary is my classmate. I her last semester.

18. I usually off the bus at Mission and 22nd when I come to school.

19. I’m a little bit tired today, so I think I’ll .

20. We can stay with Maria when we visit L.A. She has a room.

21. Did you feed our cats? Yes, I them about an hour ago.

22. Be careful. That floor is because I just mopped it.

23. I an interesting novel last summer, but I didn’t finish it.

24. We need a two apartment near public transportation.

25. Mission Campus is one of the places to learn English.


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