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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Vowel Contrast: Long "e" and Short "i". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

He's sleeping late.

1. Arnold is sleeping late today because tired.

2. Will you see your old friends when you’re and famous?

3. I’m sorry you didn’t like the salad. wasn’t very fresh.

4. My wife and I are going on a trip. be flying to Madrid.

5. He didn’t get up early because alarm clock is broken.

6. They’re going to Rover. They opened a can of dog food for him.

7. I’m glad you like the pie. a little more. Have another piece.

8. We’re going to see some friends when we New York.

9. You should out the application form right away.

10. Our TV is broken. you be able to fix it?

11. Take this medicine. You should better in a couple of days.

12. I know these shoes will me. They’re the right size.

13. Be careful. I just mopped the floor. Don’t .

14. They should go to the airport now because their plane will soon.

15. She used to in New York. She lives in San Francisco now.

16. This should be taken on an empty stomach and with water.

17. If you get seven or eight hours , you won’t be tired.

18. We’re going to be very busy this . We’re going to study verbs.

19. He dropped a banana on his way to the garbage pail.

20. I like your new . It fits your head better than the old one.

21. Is this taken? Yes, I’m afraid it is. Somebody is sitting there.

22. The on this jar won’t open. Try holding it under hot water.

23. I’ll you to the supervisor’s office. Follow me.

24. I can’t the ceiling and I need to change a light bulb. Do you have a ladder?

25. Did you in New York before? Yes, I lived there for four years.

26. If you don’t have anywhere to , you can use one of the chairs in the office.

27. you see your friend Marge soon? If so, you give her this address book? She lost it yesterday.

28. You didn’t the birds today. They’re really hungry now.

29. Julio’s neighbors helped him move last week. furniture is very heavy.

a. we'lle. leavei. leadm. reachq. feelu. sleep
b. willf. livej. lidn. richr. fillv. slip
c. weekg. peelk. he'so. feeds. eatw. seat
d. wigh. pilll. hisp. fitt. itx. sit

This is a very good video for learning how to tell the difference between these two vowel sounds.

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