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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Fifteen Vowel Sounds in Context

St. Victoire - Paul Cezanne - 1885

1. Long “e”
a. What time do you usually eat lunch?
b. What street does she live on?
c. What time should we meet for coffee?
d. Her brother doesn’t speak Greek.
e. Which key opens this door?

2. Short “i”
a. It doesn’t snow in San Francisco.
b. I accidentally hit your car. I’m very sorry.
c. I’m tired. I need to sit down and take a break.
d. Do those shoes fit?
e. If you’re sick, you need to stay home and rest.

3. “ay”
a. I was late because I overslept.
b. Take this pill three times a day with or without food.
c. I have a pain in my right shoulder.
d. It doesn’t rain during the summer in California.
e. He didn’t pay the bills on time.

4. Short “e”
a. He gets a check up once a year.
b. This hat is too large for my head.
c. You’ll get wet if you go out in this rain storm.
d. I guess it’s time to exercise.
e. Next week, we’ll study the book.

5. “a” as in “hat”
a. That hat looks great on you. Where did you buy it?
b. I found this hand bag. Is it yours?
c. I need a match to light this log.
d. There’s a map of the world in back of the class.
e. Could you please pass the salt?

6. “u” as in “cup”
a. How did you cut yourself?
b. Good luck on your new job.
c. How much does this vegetable soup cost?
d. That duck is enjoying that piece of bread.
e. Didn’t I see you the other day on Mission Street?

7. “er” as in “bird”
a. A big bird is sitting on that wire.
b. The Museum of Modern Art is on Third Street.
c. Is your baby a boy or a girl?
d. How much will you earn this month?
e. That’s hot soup. Don’t burn your tongue.

8. “a” as in “hot”
a. Don’t forget to lock the front door.
b. The ferry boat is approaching the dock.
c. Do you watch the news every evening?
d. The Number 30 bus runs on Stockton Street.
e. Be careful. That stove is very hot.

9. “ai”: diphthong 1
a. The farmer’s market is a good place to buy fruit.
b. Why is housing in San Francisco so expensive?
c. Would you care to try on this pair of shoes?
d. I’d like to have a piece of apple pie.
e. The sound of “I” is the same as the sound of “eye.”

10. “au”: diphthong 2
a. A happy cow grazes in a green field.
b. The cable car runs on Powell Street.
c. Right now, you’re studying at Mission Campus.
d. Are you from a small town or a big city?
e. How is this level? Is it too easy or too difficult?

11. Short “u” as in “book”
a. I didn’t need to look up his phone number.
b. What is the required book for this class?
c. Your son is tall. He probably grew a foot. last year.
d. What should I buy my wife for her birthday?
e. This isn’t a good washing machine. That one is.

12. Long “u” as in “moon”
a. I have to choose a color before I paint the living room.
b. One of my children is in junior high school.
c. Which tool is the best one for fixing the sink?
d. In order to change a light bulb, I have to use a ladder.
e. A new car is more expensive than a used one.

13. Long “o”
a. This boat has both a motor and sails.
b. If you’d like to see the apartment, I’ll show it to you.
c. Do you know any good, inexpensive restaurants?
d. Some low price California wines are excellent.
e. The area code for Daly City is 650.

14. “Aw”
a. We bought a new mattress last week. It was on sale.
b. It’s against the law to “text message” while driving.
c. Jessy slipped, but fortunately, he didn’t fall.
d. To get the facts, you have to talk to a lot of people.
e. There is a clock on that wall.

15. “oi”: diphthong 3
a. Your son helped me cross the street. He’s a good boy.
b. You’re a good father because you fixed the broken toy.
c. Many companies can’t employ new workers.
d. Raising a child is difficult, but there’s a lot of joy.
e. Soy beans are an excellent source of protein.


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